Unleash the potential: therapeutic horticulture & community agriculture

The practices take many forms, but what connects them is their attention to community development principles, social justice and the environment. 

Beneficial outcomes include:

  • improved mental health
  • heightened nutrition & food security
  • greater social inclusion
  • vocational training pathways
  • local sustainability initiatives
  • enhanced community resilience

information and advice service


Got questions?

The Grassroots Institute offers a free advice service for social and community workers, and not-for-profit organisations. Whether you are looking to start a therapeutic horticulture or community agriculture initiative or already have one running we can help with questions about designing your programme, setting up a garden, working with plants, troubleshooting and lots more!

What is The Grassroots Institute?

To Support, Resource & Educate

We provide assistance, support and knowledge resources for community and not for profit organisations interested in starting or continuing therapeutic horticulture & community agriculture initiatives.

We run courses in therapeutic horticulture & community agriculture as community development tools. 

Unique in Australia

We bring together the expertise of qualified social workers, horticulturalists, beekeepers and leadership development practitioners.


In the context of global climate heating, we aim to equip people and enhance community capacity to work towards a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

A not-for-profit Lab

 Why a 'Lab'? Because we work creatively at the intersection of community development, therapeutic horticulture and community agriculture (TH/CA). 

We aim to be collaborative, creative and experimental as we try out new ways of using therapeutic horticulture & community agriculture while building an evidence base for future project work.

The grassroots institute